Frequently Asked Questions

Skips are great for getting rid of a number of things. At GreenPeas there are only a few things we are legally allowed to dispose of:

  • builders rubble (bricks, sand, stone, cement and tiles)
  • garden refuse (tree cuttings, logs and general garden waste)
  • household waste (basically all the rubbish you have stored in your garage)

Unfortunately we cant dispose of the following:

  • Electrical equipment and appliances
  • Gas cylinders
  • Asbestos
  • Batteries
  • Solvents, liquids and fuel
  • Medical waste
  • Tyres

Our standard rental periods are as follows:

  • 2m3 for 3 working days
  • 2m3 for 3 working days
  • 6m3 for 7 working days

If you require the skip for longer then the above mentioned rental periods, contact us for a custom quote.


GreenPeas tries to accommodate everyone, within reason. We generally need a 24 hour notice period to confirm a booking.

Please note that we do experience delays that are out of our control, such as traffic, weather, delays at landfills etc. So if you need your skip to be on site by 8am on the day of waste removal, please rather order it for the afternoon before. This will ensure that the labour that you might have hired, will not be sitting around waiting for the skip to arrive.

Please do not fill above the lip of the skip. We can not legally transport an overfilled skip and for safety reasons the driver will ask you to remove some material before he can lift the skip onto the trailer.

Please also note that sometimes the skip does not have to be overfilled to be seen as unsafe to lift. Our drivers are well aware of the capacity of the trailers and trucks so will advise you if it is too heavy to lift.

This is a tough question as it is quite difficult for us to know how much waste you are disposing off. Click here for our skip bin info.